Fashionable fall shoes are primarily extravagant. We abandon minimalism in autumn. The accessories are to be conspicuous, emphasize the style of styling, and be unusual. What shoes should you bet on in autumn 2017? Advise!

Fashionable fall shoes – over the knee boots

Over the knee boots have already been fashionable in previous seasons, but this fall the boots should be practically to the thigh, in blood red color and necessarily with shiny leather. Moreover? Bet on a fashionable spike shaped end, thanks to which your legs will become optically longer. This is a very bold choice, so set it with minimalist clothes. Too big neckline or ultra mini length can make the whole look vulgar.

Fashionable fall shoes – elegant decorations

If you like shiny accessories, all kinds of decorations, you should be satisfied this season. Bet on elegant slippers (choose the style of Carrie Bradshaw) with leather straps. You will see similar ones in the pictures from Miu Miu shows. The shoes were decorated with pearls and crystals with decorated clasps.

Fashionable fall shoes – mussels

Mussels are fashionable summer shoes, but they have taken over the street (and fashion shows) to such an extent that they will stay with us also in the fall. The front is closed and does not reveal the toes, while the heel remains “open”. In autumn 2017, choose mule with a high heel.

 fashionable fall shoes Trendy fall shoes – rock style

Good news for all lovers of punk style. Inspired by London ‘s 70s, designers promote fashion for heavy boots. What should they look like? They must have studs and braces. Perversely wear them to delicate, airy, lace dresses or those that are made of mesh. Get inspired by the Alexander McQueen show.

Fashionable fall shoes – bottle green

Bottled green is one of the must-see autumn colors. If you can’t convince him about clothes, go for accessories. Bottled green shoes are a real hit! If you decide on them, choose those made of suede or velvet, which will further emphasize the nobility of this color. Select a model on the post.

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