Decorative heels is a real autumn hit! Set with pearls, transparent with Plexiglas, embroidered with embroidery, they reign on the most fashionable streets and fashion shows. He loves them, among others Anna Lewandowska, who does not part with her decorative heels from Saint Laurent. It is worth taking an example of it!

Extravagant pumps with a decorative heel

At his shows he presented them, among others Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana fashion house. The unique pumps with decorative heel have delighted women around the world. What makes them different? The original, geometric heel – does not have to be high – and of course rich decorations! The whole makes the pumps look like real works of art! If you don’t like high heels, put on moccasins or sandals. Boots are also very fashionable.

What to wear decorative heels for?

This extremely fashionable footwear suits both evening dresses and everyday stylizations. It is such a strong element that it should be the focal point of styling. So put on 7/8 length pants, mini skirt or … socks that will stick out from decorated boots!

Comfort in a fashionable release

 decorative heel msashoes [/ caption]

Thanks to the fact that we can adjust the height of boots with decorations to our preferences, we can look stylish and at the same time feel comfortable throughout the day. Stable, geometric posts are a real relief for the feet. Contrary to appearances, the selection of models shoes with a decorative heel is a whole lot. If you like the classics, choose black pumps with a slightly pointed toe that will lengthen your foot. Do you want your shoes to last for a long time? Choose leather ones that are stylized in retro. They also have fashionable buckles. Although this is an autumn trend, they will prove themselves practically throughout the year. Wear them in pastel colors in spring, brown, beige and pomegranate in autumn. Extravagance will be added by ballerinas with a decorative heel . Some love them, while others criticize them, saying that they are shoes from our grandmother’s wardrobe. Nothing could be more wrong! Ballerinas in an intense color will enliven any stylization.

Before we get autumn fall, we can also choose sandals with high heels. It’s a more convenient alternative to high heels. You can buy them successfully in chain stores. Although there is still some time until the New Year’s night, look around for brocade heel sandals that will make you shine that evening!

Where to buy shoes with a decorated heel?

Although decorated heels is a new trend, you’ll find it successfully in many stores. You can find plastic heel shoes at Steve Madden, with pins in the Aldo store, with an asymmetrical heel or crystals in Zara. Boots with a brocade heel are also in the autumn Reserved and Deezee collection.