Fashion is changing, however, the passion for powder colors is unchanged. They perfectly replace white, which hardly anyone likes, and at the same time can give a feeling of lightness and femininity. It is no wonder then that on many occasions the powder pink dress is even a classic, which many women choose.

What shoes for spring?

Buying spring shoes is a challenge. First of all, it should be borne in mind that for many women the problem is not only the availability of models, but also sizes. Just a few years ago, the favorite color footwear that women chose was black. It is known that in this way they could be fitted to virtually any stylization. However, we forget that, despite everything, pastel colors need softer colors than black. Therefore, a very good solution seems to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Orsay store, because it is there that you can get bright shoes. On the one hand, they will work in the spring, on the other they will perfectly match lighter clothes. This in turn will allow you to create really interesting stylizations.

What are the trendy shoes now?

Fashion for shoes is changing like a kaleidoscope. Actually, it is difficult to determine what is fashionable, because in a moment everything will be able to change. In addition, you should be aware that powdered pink dresses look very good with white and cream shoes. Therefore, you can successfully decide not only on high heels, but also boots in such colors.