For some time, wearing shoes has become not only a necessity, but very often it can be a complement to the stylization or its main accent. For many women, having a large collection of shoes is a must, but recently we have been more and more willing to focus on quality rather than quantity. It is worth checking what type footwear we already have in the wardrobe and what shoes are missing. This way you can fill in all kinds of deficiencies.

What shoes for a navy blue dress?

Navy blue dresses are perfectly suited to various stylizations. In addition, the type of dress is very important. On the one hand, many women opt for very modern models, but there are also ones for which the classic is the most important.

Therefore, it does not matter what the beginnings were when it comes to looking for a dress, because the most important thing is how to choose a dress for the figure. When looking for shoes for a navy blue dress, many women wonder what colors will have the opportunity to work best. In many styles, black will be able to look great. In addition, you can bet on brown or gray, provided that the accessories will also be in similar colors.

What prom shoes?

Despite the fact that the prom is held in the middle of winter, it is complemented by beautiful summer shoes. Of course, you can bet on classic pumps or ballerinas, but shoes that do not have high heels are much better. It is known that young women do not always have experience and skill in wearing high heels, so it is worth focusing on comfort. For many young ladies, they focus on heels at first, because it is a requirement for a polonaise, but later they change to flat shoes. This is a very good solution, because in this way you will be able to ensure comfort throughout the event and have fun until the morning.
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