When it gets warm outside the window, you can see the annual fashion revue, namely sandals combined with socks. Despite many articles and broaching on breakfast TV, it’s still a hit every spring and summer. On the other hand, a lot of people don’t know exactly what shoes socks fit and when to avoid them.

Shoe socks – a fad or a need?

Very often they are part of the stylization, but most often they have purely practical application – namely, they prevent skin abrasion. Contrary to appearances, this is a problem for many people, especially in summer, when we sweat more profusely. Of course, you can deal with this, because there is an increasing number of cosmetics on the market such as foot deodorants. The material from which the shoes were made also has  very important. Unfortunately, recently especially ladies are choosing footwear made of silicone or even a creature resembling rubber plastic. In this way, you can not only increase sweating feet, but very quickly get abrasions and even ringworm. Especially beloved ballerinas are made of this type of material, because they are the favorite shoes of many ladies for summer time. It is worth paying attention to what the shoes were made of. Well-chosen will be the perfect complement to the pretty dresses .

When we need to put on socks

A very good solution will be buying shoes made of natural leather, because they will not only perfectly match the foot, but will provide comfort even during many hours of use. You can prevent chafing by using special ballerina socks that look more like stockings.
Socks are perfect for sports shoes, sneakers or shoes. They will not only improve the comfort of use, but also prevent chafing and provide a feeling of warmth. Recently, a lot of emphasis has been placed on making the socks invisible, so it’s worth choosing a model that does not protrude above the footwear.

What shoes without socks?

Certainly all kinds of summer models such as sandals, flip flops or high heels combined with socks look terribly. In addition, you should think about why we want to create this add-on. When it comes to comfort and prevention of chafing, choosing a model hidden in shoes can work perfectly – of course only if they are full shoes and not sandals. In the summer, however, it is worth putting on footwear made of breathable material. In this way, you will be able to ensure the comfort of using shoes not only for one season.
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