White boots hit or kit? You can say that kitschy shoes so far regain their splendor. The stars are crazy about them, and you don’t have them in your wardrobe yet? It’s time for a change! See our styling suggestions and create yours.

White boots hit or kit?

They were a symbol of kitsch. Everyone who appeared in them on the street was subjected to evaluation and mockery. What has changed in this case? You can say a lot. In Poland, associated with two singers Mandarin and Doda. The Paris Hilton symbol abroad. It doesn’t look so good in this comparison. How is today Almost everyone wears them – Maffashion, Natalia Kukulska, Kendall Jenner, as well as Bella Hadid. What to connect white boots with? Let’s check it!

Loose version

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Kendall, one of the Kardashianek sisters, in her stylization chose black denim pants in a straight fit version. They are characterized by a straight leg along the entire length and a loose cut. Kendall combined them with an oversized white wool sweater that she gently let into her pants. A contrasting strip marks the waist line and perfectly shapes the silhouette of the model. From the additions we only have black lenonki, which give the character a whole. Do white boots work in such a set? Yes of course. We have an example where the two colors are perfectly matched. What more could you want.

For sports

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Bella Hadid liked this shoe model so much that she puts it on not only for solemn evenings, but also on a daily basis and in a sports version. Total hot look for us! Black tracksuits with white stripes and a thin, sleeveless blouse is a perfect combination. Red, round sunglasses give styling a kind of avant-garde. The combination of street and sport casual version has proven itself perfectly. This look is a suitable proposition for practical women. A contrasting addition in the form of a handy bottle-colored bag is a suitable treatment that distinguishes stylization.

Total mix

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Almost everything surprises with this stylization. White boots combined with a jeans and a sports sweatshirt are a pleasant view associated with street style. What emphasizes the whole styling is the autumn coat in a slightly oversized version with a belt. Does such a stylization defend itself? Certainly yes. Is Poland ready for such a mishmash? We don’t know that. However, we know for sure that it is worth emphasizing your individuality in creating styles. Do not be afraid of this and remember – white boots are not putty, but HIT!

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